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Instagrammer of the Month in August

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Hello dear Instagram @flyswiss followers, my name is Fabienne and I’m going to take you through the month of August. I am 24 years old and grew up in the heart of Kloten where Zurich airport is located, so I am proud to say that the airport literally is my home. Aviation has always been a part of my life.

I had my first flight when I was 8 months old, to Narita, Japan. My mother is Japanese, so we have family over there who we’ve visited every single year. I was always very excited to get on the aircraft and I remember the lovely flight attendants always taking good care of us.

Before coming to SWISS, I had a job in a freight forwarding company. The office was very close to the Operations Center (the operational “heart” of SWISS), so I got to see a lot of Cabin Crew Members go in and out and I always admired them. Every time I saw one, I just had a gut feeling telling me I must do this too.

In 2018 I quit that job, went backpacking for 5 months and truly discovered my love for travelling. When I came back home, I instantly signed up for the job as a SWISS Cabin Crew Member. It’s been 3 years since I started my journey with SWISS and I have made so many precious experiences and memories ever since. I love how every day is different and that makes this job incomparable. I am qualified to work on the Airbus 320, 321, 330 and 340. Besides flying I am currently studying Tourism Management and have just finished my first year.

I am delighted to take you with me on my day-to-day life and to show you some insights into my job as well as some of my favourite destinations.

See you in the air,