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Instagrammer of the Month in July

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Hello everyone and welcome to the month of July! My name is Vanessa, I‘m 21 years old and I‘m looking forward to sharing the love and passion for my job and aviation with you throughout the next four weeks.

I was born in Hamburg and raised in Berlin before moving to Zurich three years ago, to start working as a flight attendant for SWISS.

I always knew that I want to become a flight attendant and work above the clouds. Actually my father was the one, who brought up my fascination for aviation when I was a small child: we used to watch departures and landings at Hamburg Airport, whenever there was time and at home, I would dress up as a mini version of a flight attendant ;).

I used to – and still do – admire every flight attendant that I saw and felt the adrenaline in my body whenever I knew that I’m going to fly away! And up to now, this feeling is still there. No matter the destination, no matter the time. 

So finally, I started my own journey at SWISS in November 2019 and could make my childhood dream come true. 

I‘m feeling very honored to show you what’s so special and fascinating about the job and to share some of my favorite destinations during this month. Follow my journey on our Instagram channel.

See you on board your SWISS and Star Alliance flight,