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Instagrammers of the month in February

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Dear @flyswiss followers, what is a C-check or a vertical stabilizer? As aircraft engineers we will answer these and many more questions this February and take you behind the scenes of aircraft maintenance.

This month will be exciting: We will show you how our first Base Maintenance Check (a comprehensive base maintenance check of individual systems and components) in the history of SWISS in Zurich went or how we installed our new so-called “Airspace” cabin on our latest A320neos.

We will also have a little surprise for you soon – so stay tuned!

About me, Pablo:
I started my apprenticeship as an aircraft engineer at SWISS six years ago and am proud to work in this diverse environment. Every day brings new surprises, so it never gets boring. But I’m also fascinated by aircraft outside the hangar because my employment at SWISS allows me to travel a lot, during which I can pursue my hobbies of inline skating and filming.

About me, Marvin:
Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in technology of all kinds. Aviation, in particular, has always fascinated me and I wanted to know how it all works and what is inside the aircraft. So training as an aircraft engineer was an obvious choice, and since completing my apprenticeship in 2020, I’ve been enjoying the insights into aviation that my work at SWISS gives me.

We are very much looking forward to giving you an insight into our everyday working life.

Pablo & Marvin