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A flight around the world & a sustainable mission in common: SWISS x Diamondo Earthrounding

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As a commercial airline, we are firmly committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business and operations. In this regard, we pursue and promote a wide range of measures to reduce the fuel consumption and thus the carbon dioxide emissions of our operational activities. Therefore, we are especially proud to support the young team from «Diamondo Earthrounding» on their flight around the world and their mission to link initiatives accelerating sustainable aviation.

With their journey, Diamondo Earthrounding aims to illustrate where and how air travel passengers, airfreight customers and private pilots can help to scale up sustainable initiatives cutting our CO2 emissions and make them more accessible for the wider air travel community.

Our commitment to sustainable development

For us as an airline, the most effective way to cut CO2 emissions is through operating modern and thus fuel-efficient aircraft. Being committed to half our CO2 emissions by 2030, we invest billions of Swiss Francs in new aircraft and engine technology. However, many more efforts are required to meet this target and go beyond to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) plays an important role in meeting CO2 emission targets. In July 2021, we have become the first commercial airline to fly SAF from Switzerland (also see here). As we connect Switzerland with the world, we are committed to SAF and other sustainability initiatives on a global level.

Diamondo Earthrounding, an initiative driven by young aviators, is dedicated to the same mission and aims to promote the development of sustainable technologies in aviation. SWISS supports the Swiss team in their commitment and accompanies the two pilots Matt and Robin on their journey to various pioneering projects around the world.

Different locations favour different solutions
Different locations favour different solutions to make aviation more environmentally friendly.

What is Diamondo Earthrounding?

Diamondo Earthrounding is a flight around the world in a 5-seater aircraft to link worldwide initiatives for sustainable aviation. With visits and reports from local initiatives, Diamondo Earthrounding aims to create further awareness for sustainable technologies and promote ways for investing into them voluntarily to further accelerate aviation’s path to net-zero carbon emissions.

Diamondo Earthrounding operates on a non-profit basis and is made up of a team of nine young aviation enthusiasts. Based in Switzerland, Diamondo’s founding partners and flight crew Robin and Matt, schedule their departure in a Diamond DA50 RG aircraft for January 2nd, 2022. Flying in an Easterly direction to multiple airports, cities, and initiatives, Robin and Matt are required to cross both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans before making their way back to Switzerland. If everything goes according to schedule, they will touch ground at Zurich Airport on World Earth Day on April 22nd, 2022.

Matt and Robin
Matthias Niederhäuser, aka Matt, (Aviation consultant and ambitious private pilot) and Robin (Air force pilot sharing a passion for recreational flying)
Diamond Aircraft’s DA50 RG is the choice for Diamondo Earthrounding. The jet fuel capabilities of the Continental Aerospace Technologies CD-300 engine allows the DA50 RG to be fuelled up close to everywhere. On top, it runs more fuel-efficiently when compared to conventional AVGAS-burning piston engines.

SWISS x Diamondo Earthrounding

During the flight, the rest of the team on the ground will continue their support by planning the upcoming steps and will assist the pilots in their daily operations. Robin and Matt will receive further assistance from our Mission Support, which tracks the progress of all our longhaul flights and for the month of February 2022, also the legs of Diamondo Earthrounding over the Pacific. Mission Support will inform the pilots of any new developments or give them timely notice of any emerging weather trends, potentially impacting Robin and Matt’s route.

View from the cockpit of the DA50 during a training flight.

After crossing the Pacific, Matt and Robin will visit and broadcast from sites essentials to the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). So wherever feasible, they will reduce their journey’s emissions by adding SAF into the DA50’s fuel tanks. At some airports on their route we also fuel up SAF , which is paid for by SWISS customers, who have chosen to reduce their CO2 emissions voluntarily through the online platform Compensaid. Apart from reducing their CO2 emissions through purchasing SAF via Compensaid, SWISS passengers can also opt for CO2 compensation through initiatives of myclimate – or chose a combination of both emission reduction and compensation.

Sea Survival Training in the unlikely event of an emergency ditching on the high seas. Essential if you plan to fly over an ocean and Pacific…

On their further routing through Central America and the Caribbean, Matt and Robin will use their uploads to YouTube and various Social Media platforms (like Instagram), to demonstrate how initiatives of myclimate operate and which essential contributions they make towards our atmosphere. Furthermore, when crossing the Atlantic, they will stop at some cool technologies essential for the future production of synthetic SAF – but more on this here on the blog as soon as they get there.

More about the Diamondo Earthrounding Team here.

The Flight Plan: Aircraft: Diamond Aircraft DA50 RG / Direction of travel: Eastbound / Distance: 51,000 kilometers /Departure Time: January 2nd, 2022 / Flight Time: 230 hours / Duration: 4 months / Airports: 72 / Countries: 37 / Crew: 2.

You want to support?

By the way, and apart from partnering with aviation entities to reduce the costs of operations, Diamondo Earthrounding is actively seeking private patrons enabling a successful circumnavigation. Should you wish to become a patron and help the team, different support levels exist – some of them even allow you to have your name on the DA50 RG for the flight around the world!

Ready for take-off

Our B77W First Officer Simon Wirsching filmed the preparations and the take-off of Matt and Robin at Zurich Airport, you can find the video here.

For now, we and the entire Diamondo Earthrounding team wish you and your loved ones a happy new year, tailwinds and always happy landings!