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Instagrammers of the Month in November

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This month we’re staying with both feet on the ground: We are Lars and Laurin and we are taking you dear @flyswiss followers with us as Instagrammers of the Month on a journey behind the scenes of our SWISS apprenticeship as EFZ (Swiss federal certificate of proficiency) polymechanics in aircraft maintenance in Zurich.

Polymechanics are specialists who enjoy high demand in a wide range of fields. For example we learn how to inspect, maintain and repair aircrafts and their parts. In addition to the many insights into maintenance, we show you the everyday life of this demanding four-year apprenticeship.

A few words about me, Lars:
When I was just 16 months old, I had my first flight, which was to leave its mark on me. My mother passed on her enthusiasm for travelling to me. As a former flight attendant, she regularly took me to the airport, even though my interest at that time was still more focused on the playground… But this changed quickly and I discovered the joy of planespotting (@myartofzrh), which also led me to my apprenticeship as a polymechanic EFZ. For a little over two years now, I have spent more time at the airport than at home and enjoy every moment with my friends and colleagues at SWISS.

About me, Laurin:
I was also fascinated by aviation at an early age, as my grandparents took me to Zurich Airport every week. Besides my enthusiasm for flying itself, I have always been very interested in the technology behind it. In my apprenticeship as a polymechanic EFZ, I can combine both passions.

In order for us to be able to travel as often and as safely as possible for you with our aircraft and offer you the maximum comfort, it is important in our job that we work very thoroughly and precisely. Together with our team, we are responsible for the maintenance of the entire SWISS and Edelweiss fleet.

Before every flight, for example, we carry out the so-called “preflight check”. Besides the “daily check” and the “weekly check” we also performthe somewhat more extensive “A-Checks” at regular intervals every 800-1,000 flying hours. You can find out exactly what this means this month, because we would like to explain our work to you in more detail.

By the way, we and our automation colleagues are looking for new colleagues to join our team every year. As an automation skilled worker, you for example test diverse aircraft systems and modify electrical systems. If you would like to find out more and get as close to aircraft as we do, then take a look at the SWISS careers page.

Let’s get going: Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exciting November in the hangar with the two of us.

Lars and Laurin