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Sustainability – to us it’s more than just one goal

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A world without air traffic is no longer conceivable today. Flying connects people, cultures and countries – it enables global exchange and trade. The great importance of the aviation industry also brings with it great responsibility: towards society, our customers, employees and the environment. For this reason, we at SWISS are committed to sustainable development and support the goals of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030. 

The Agenda specifies 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals (short SDGs) to which all the UN’s members have committed. All seven goals are intended to meet social needs as well as enable economic growth while meeting our climate responsibilities. As company we also support these SDGs, with a particular focus on seven of them in the light of our business model.

We have been taking a wide range of actions here for several years now, and many of our people are devoting time and energy to developing appropriate products and pursuing corresponding initiatives on the ground and in the air. And we will further increase our effort in the future.

The European Sustainable Development Week runs from 20 to 26 September. And it’s the perfect moment for us all to take a closer look at the holistic approach that we at SWISS adopt to the whole sustainability topic (also check this video here):

Quality education: We provide and promote basic and further training in the aviation field, maintains collaborations with various universities and other higher education establishments and is a strong advocate of Switzerland’s dual education system.

Gender equality: We are dedicated to diversity, and our SWISSness comes in a wide range of colours and forms. Diversity and equal opportunities are cornerstones of our entire strategic alignment and thrust.

Decent work and economic growth: Air transport is of vital importance to Switzerland, providing key global connections for the country’s highly export-oriented economy and thereby securing more than 138,000 jobs. Switzerland’s air transport sector also creates value of over CHF 24 billion a year. As one of the sector’s biggest employer, we bear a strong responsibility towards our employees and maintains a constant dialogue with our social partners.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure: We pursue and promote various innovation and digitalization projects. We continue to develop and refine our flight operations using artificial intelligence and the latest further technologies. We are also keen advocates of more efficient airspace use, are actively involved in optimizing flight procedures and are firmly committed to further developing intermodal transport solutions.

Responsible consumption and production: Our specialists at SWISS continually analyze and evaluate our existing products and processes to ensure that we provide our customers with a top-quality air travel experience that pays a healthy and appropriate regard to all sustainability considerations.

Climate action: We stand for sustainable mobility and are firmly committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business and operations within the broader competitive parameters of the international air transport sector. In this regard, we pursue and promote a wide range of measures to reduce the fuel consumption and thus the carbon dioxide emissions of its operational activities.

Partnerships for the goals: In our supply chains, our training and research, our digitalization drives, our product development and our further commitments to society’s broader benefit, we work with strong partners in all areas of our business to achieve our various objectives.

We see it as our duty to contribute to a more sustainable economy and to assume our social responsibility toward our employees and society, and we are making particular efforts in the area of climate protection. The most effective lever within the airline sector for reducing carbon dioxide emissions are investing in advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft and in the corresponding powerplant technologies. Thanks to its billion-franc investments here, SWISS operates one of the most state-of-the-art aircraft fleets with some of the lowest carbon emissions. We are also promoting the development and the broad-scale market introduction of sustainable aviation fuel or SAF, together with our further airline partners within the Lufthansa Group.