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Instagramer of the month in June

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Welcome dear flyswiss followers, my name is Malory, I’m 33 years old and I’m your Instagramer during the month of June.

Originally I come from the Valais, the Western part of Switzerland. Three years ago I moved to the Canton of Zurich to be closer to my workplace: the airport.

Before I started flying, I was actually aiming to become a teacher because I always loved to interact with other people. But then I changed my mind and since then never regretted my choice. At first, it was a challenge of course to work in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, not only because of the different language but also because I had to get used to the new mentality, which is a little bit different from the one in “Welshland”. But soon I gained more self-confidence and now I almost feel at home here.

As most of my colleagues, I speak various languages such as French, German, English and Spanish. But what probably makes my language skills a little bit more special is that I have some basic knowledge in Hindi and Urdu from my studies at the University of Lausanne in Languages and Civilisations Of South East Asia. Unfortunately, I don’t get the opportunity to practice them a lot and so I hope, that I won’t forget what I’ve learned so far.

I look forward to showing you this month, how important flight attendants are for your safety and what we do to make you feel comfortable on board.

Are you ready?