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Instagramer of the Month in September

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Dear guests, colleagues and aviation lovers, welcome on board. Our departure is expected soon but before take-off, please read the text below carefully.

My name is Cristel and I will be your Instagramer of the Month in September. Let me take you on my “behind the scenes-tour” and hopefully you will learn some new things about the flight preparations we go through as Cabin Crew Members. I will let you travel through my photographs and inspire you for your next trips – which I hope will happen soon.

I was born and have spent my entire life in Switzerland, travelling mainly in the countries bordering my home country. Since I was very young, faraway places have fascinated me and posters showing places and cultures different from mine used to cover the walls of my room.

Thanks to the help of my friends, I visited a SWISS information event for potential Cabin Crew Members. Since then my destiny was obvious. I was thinking of signing for a year and continuing my studies afterwards but I am still here and will blow out my 4th candle at SWISS this month.

After making my first long-haul introductory flight in 2016, I very quickly got a taste of this incredible lifestyle that allows us not only to travel, but also to get to meet wonderful people and learn about their stories. After flying a year and a half, I joined the Cabin Crew PR-team, which allows me to discover aviation from yet another angle and work on special flights and events.

I hope your seatbelt is fastened because it is time for take-off and I promise that the flight will be a very special one.

Lean back and enjoy.

Yours, Cristel