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Instagramer of the Month in February

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Grüezi to our dear SWISS guests, fans & colleagues! I would like to issue a very warm welcome to our flight together in the month of February!

My name is Mira Blume, and I will be your Instagramer of the month. I am delighted to take you along with me, to share my daily experiences and get you just as addicted to flying as I am.

Just a few years after I was born in Germany, my family sold everything to sail around the world on a catamaran. We finally settled in my home at heart, Cape Town/South Africa, where I finished school and later decided to move to Zurich/Switzerland to become a flight attendant for SWISS. Almost 4 years have passed, and I now work not only as a member of the cabin crew, but also as an instructor, introducing our newcomers to our dos and don’ts on board.

We have so many stunning destinations and I can truly say that we have one of the most beautiful offices in the world. I always thought having one or two job-related pictures on my camera roll was enough, but boy was I wrong! Sunrise after sunrise, oceans and landscapes. At 35,000ft, I can never get enough.

The experiences I have collected, and the people I have met so far, have made this job unbelievably amazing. The saying “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” is absolutely something I can confirm.

And now, dear followers, we are ready for take-off. So get your neck pillows ready, I will see you again at cruising altitude. Have a fantastic flight!

Happy landings!