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Allegra and a warm welcome to you – this is your First Officer speaking

About eight years ago, I moved from my home in the Engadine to Zurich to fulfil my childhood dream. I quite literally wanted to reach for the stars. Up where the airplanes criss-crossed the sky high above me every day. I have always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and I have been living this dream every day for exactly five years now. I have spent almost 4,000 hours on the Airbus A320, and every single second was unique. On SWISS short-haul, we fly to every single corner of Europe and beyond. This makes my work very interesting and exciting. However, next year it is time to take the next step in my career, and to switch to long-haul flights. But more about that later.

My passion for this job is as big as ever. That is why, for the past two years and in addition to my work as a co-pilot, I have also been working as an Ambassador Pilot as well to introduce young people to this job. For instance, I have the pleasure of attending information events and job fairs to talk about my job as a pilot. And more importantly, how to become one. I get almost as much pleasure from this activity as I do from flying, because it means I can help people to make their dream come true.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to find here this month. I look back to the early days of my career as a young pilot, and give you an insight into the process of pilot training. I will try to explain the process to you as precisely as possible and tell you what is required to work in the cockpit.

My name is Andri Büttner, and it is my great pleasure to be taking you on a flight through my history as a pilot this December. Please fasten your seatbelts as we are about to take off.