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Instagramer of the month in June

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Bonjour, dear @flyswiss Crew,

It’s June, and the longed-for summer is upon us – time to think about jetting off to far-off places! Thanks to Sascha and Sales for the fabulous and above all exciting impressions from the cockpit. This month you, dear @flyswiss crew, are going back to the cabin.

I’m Anne Cotting, a Flight Attendant from Fribourg/Freiburg (CH). Originally, my job above the clouds was intended to be an enriching year out to broaden my horizons. That was six years ago. The wide world still calls me, and even after countless visitors on board and what seems like thousands of circumnavigations of the globe, traveling with my SWISS family is incredibly wonderful and exciting. Every day, every crew and every flight is different. There’s never any hint of daily routine or boredom because everything is constantly on the move.

However, I have been working as a freelance for some time now, which means that I’m only temporarily above the clouds. That’s because as well as flying, I’ve also gone back to school. I’m currently on the home stretch of doing my Master’s in Media and Communication Sciences at the University of Freiburg. I feel extremely privileged to be able to experience both worlds.

And now I am delighted to share a few highlights from flying with you, because the view from my place of work is one of the best in the world.

I hope you have a wonderful summer.