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For a brighter future

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Helping Lesotho’s young

For over 15 years, SWISS has been collecting coins and notes in all currencies on board its long-haul flights to support SOS Children’s Villages. SOS Children’s Villages is active in more than 130 countries with care and educational projects as well as strengthening programmes for children and families in need. Donations from SWISS passengers currently go towards the organisation’s commitment in Lesotho, an enclave in South Africa.

SOS Children’s Villages has been active in Lesotho since the 1990s. With the help of the money that SWISS passengers donate, SOS Children’s Villages is conducting family-strengthening programmes and thereby providing brighter future prospects for these needy youngsters.

An SOS Children’s Village in Quthing

A new SOS Children’s Village was opened in Quthing in the south of Lesotho in 2010. The village can accommodate up to 120 orphans, who are guided through to adult hood by their house mothers. The Quthing village’s twelve houses are integrated into the local village. This serves two purposes: It prevents any stigmatisation of the SOS Village’s children, and it enables the entire community to benefit from the village’s infrastructure, such as its playgrounds and sports fields.

Helping families help themselves

SOS Children’s Villages has been conducting family-strengthening programmes since 2010. These work by developing community-based social systems that can sustainably support disadvantaged families and their children. Mobile clinics are also provided, to put a special focus here on the health of mothers and young children (through family planning, vaccinations and nutritional advice) and on preventing and controlling tuberculosis and HIV/Aids.

Education drive in Maseru

SOS Children’s Villages has further been conducting an education drive in the Lesotho capital of Maseru since 2014. The drive is aimed at schoolchildren, parents, teachers and decision makers, and is intended to equip the children involved with the skills they will need to lead an independent and economically selfsufficient life. The aim here is to provide guidance, tuition and career advice, to help reduce the numbers of youngsters who leave school prematurely.

In Maseru, SOS Children’s Villages supports educational projects at the
Primary School Lithabaneng.

Text: Florian Flämig / Photos: Simon Huber