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Instagramer of the month in December

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Dear Aviation hungry hearts,
Dear SWISS Family,

I am glad to welcome you on board as my guest on our flight for the whole month of December.

My name is Christina and my journey of life started 25 years ago in the beautiful Lüneburger Heide in Germany.

After finishing school, the most difficult decision for me was to select a job. There are so many opportunities and at some point in life, we have to select one. First I decided to do train as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade, but I soon realized I didn’t want to spend all day in an office.

I still remember the warm feeling of excitement in my belly every time my parents took me with them to the airport. I will always keep the take-offs and the round tours of the friendly flight attendants in mind. Because a part of my family works for Airbus in Hamburg Finkenwerder, I was lucky enough to get a two-week insight into their factory. It was super interesting to get a closer look behind the scenes of how an airplane is made (that was while the huge Airbus A380 was being made). Aeroplanes have always fascinated me.

And here I am now. For two years I have been a proud cabin crew member for Swiss International Air Lines. In my opinion, you’re really good at something when you’re practicing it passionately. The job of a cabin crew member combines all my passions: meeting new people, traveling the planet we’re living on, and seeing and feeling the diversity of places, humans, and feelings. I can live out my passion for photography. I am learning so much about history and the different kinds of landscapes.

But for me the biggest goal: I am able to call interesting people in all these beautiful cities, all over the world, with different cultures and habits, my friends.

And it no longer feels like the world is a huge planet I am living on. Finally, it feels like the world is my home.

So lean back, enjoy the take-off and let me show you my living room.