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Behind the scenes: SWISS Experience Trainee

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Flight plan

“We are Tim and Evelyn, and we are SWISS Experience Trainees.”

If you want to know just what a “SWISS Experience Trainee” does, then look no further than our SWISS blog post, which takes a look behind the scenes of our normal working day.

The SWISS Experience trainee programme comprises various practical posts: five months in a department at the head office in Kloten, two months in an external post in Ground Operations, and then another five months in another department in Zurich, Geneva or Basel. At each of the three stations, we assume the responsibility for a part project. This gives us plenty of interesting insights into the various departments and their interfaces at SWISS. Furthermore, these posts are also perfect for networking within SWISS and the entire Lufthansa Group. We’re now in the middle of our trainee programme, which means we have each already completed one project assignment.

Inbound connection

Thanks to our long association with aviation, we both decided way back to study aviation at the ZHAW in Winterthur. While Tim soon realised that he would like to work in the operations sector of aviation (specialisation: Operational Engineering), Evelyn opted for the second specialisation, Technical Engineering. Tim gained practical experience on a one-year traineeship with Skyguide; Evelyn worked for Swissport in passenger services before and while studying.

First stop ZRH

Evelyn: I completed my first project in Revenue Management. The aim was the optimisation of an internally developed tool that calculates the optimum use of the various aircraft types on the various routes with regard to revenue. The tool identifies those flights that are expected to have a high demand. After that it looks for flights, known as potential exchange partners, that can be carried out by a larger aircraft type. This is for flights that depart and return at similar times but with less revenue potential. An aircraft exchange is made if it is expected to generate more revenue and is operationally possible. The result is revenue-optimised allocation of capacities (aircraft types) on all SWISS short-haul routes.

Optimisation of the aircraft types is a complex task that is influenced by a number of factors. That is why improvements can constantly be achieved with these new approaches and system adjustments. I was involved in an investigation of a continuing solution, and in contact with software providers, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. At SWISS, I worked closely with other departments during the project so that their expertise could also be integrated in the project.

Tim: In my first project “Next Generation Crew Processes/OPC”, the entire process chain of a SWISS Crew Member is evaluated and redesigned to accommodate the digitalisation of Flight Operations. Over the years there were constant changes, which currently results in a decentralised process outflow by the OPC (Operations Center). With the aim of increasing overall fleet punctuality, the crew is to be brought to and from the aircraft more quickly and more efficiently thanks to an optimised process flow. The conversion of the Operations Center is one effect of the “new” processes, and was carried out around the processes. In short: “Form follows function – a red thread through the OPC”.

I spent the last half year gaining valuable experience in project management and process design in SWISS operations. The architectural pre-study is currently underway in which the future processes are being designed and turned into structural measures. In addition to the planning and implementation for and in the future, the many interfaces to the outside (Zurich airport, ground etc.) also offer a very interesting working environment in the operation.

Next Destination

After half of Tim’s first project assignment, he was offered the opportunity to support the project as Project Manager on a content and procedural level right through to the end. On Evelyn’s return from Ground Station Singapore, a project in “Product and Onboard Services” was the conclusion of her trainee programme.

“We are Tim and Evelyn, and we are SWISS Experience Trainees” … and we hope we have given you an insight into the SWISS Experience trainee programme.