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SWISS fulfills a little boy’s dream

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The seven-year-old Nicolas looks around in amazement. There are so many new and exciting things to see. A dream came true for him on Friday, 22 December, thanks to the letter he wrote to SWISS.

His dream is beeing a pilot. More specifically, Nicolas wants to work as a pilot at SWISS. That’s why the seven-year-old wrote us a letter in which he expressed his great wish:”He wanted a pilot to answer all his questions. This wish was granted today: Together with his grandfather, he was guided through the OPC by Boeing 777 pilot Olivier Montani and was even allowed to visit the old tower.

First Class for the first time
The initial nervousness quickly turned into curiosity and new questions showed the boy’s great interest. Beginning with the briefing rooms and the weather check up to the flight desk visit, he was allowed to do a tour with Olivier, just like pilots do. The side trip to the product hub also aroused enthusiasm, as it was the first time he was allowed to sit in a First Class seat.

Then came a real highlight: He was allowed to see the old tower. Even more important than this room, however, was the view. Captivated, Nicolas watched the planes that landed and asked each time what was the aim of the plane when one of them took off. He turned the pilot’s hat, which he had received at the beginning, into his hands and proudly became part of it.