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ProTeam in the Air

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The Pro Team SWISS is a trainee programme for master’s graduates. This multifaceted beginners programme promotes junior employees and prepares them for their demanding future tasks in the business of international aviation. The trainees recieve thorough insight into the company for 18 months. They tell us about their experiences in the Pro Team blog-series.

Unbelievable! Already more than half a year has passed since we started as SWISS ProTeam Trainees. We have since been responsible for projects in three different departments. For almost four months, Sabrina worked on a strategic subject in the business development team, while Ludwig dealt with operational questions in Flight Operations. The cost-estimation of new routes was the topic of Mathias’ analytical project in the network and fleet management department. Over these months, time was literally flying as we all enjoyed working in such a welcoming and open environment.

After these projects, the time came to say goodbye and we’ll only be back in Zurich next summer. First, we spent two months together with our ProTeam colleagues from Lufthansa at the first highlight of the Traineeship called “ProInnovation”.

In this episode, all eleven ProTeamers were assigned to tandems – each with an experienced managers –  before travelling  to Silicon Valley together. Virtual reality, robotics or blockchain: at the Singularity University we realize how rapid future technologies are developing and to what extend they are influencing our society. Questions like “What will transportation look like in 10 years? What does augmented reality mean for the SWISS business model? Could we as an airline use 3D printing?” were what we dealt with.

The tandem partners had the advantage to bring experience from different fields, which – in combination with our impartiality – lead to inspiring and interesting discussions. The various tandems also had the chance to visit companies, that could potentially inspire or transform our very own business. This second part of our trip included all kinds of organizations – from Airbus’ Start-up “A-cubed” to companies like “Google Ventures” for instance.

Subsequently the “ProSocial” episode followed, where we worked together with the Human Help Network (HHN) in Pattaya, Thailand. HHN supports and takes care of street children and children with traumatic experiences. The contrast between the two worlds, Silicon Valley and Pattaya, which we stepped into within such a short period, was huge.. On the one hand, we organized with and trained the children for a big circus show, which was the highlight at the end of our stay. On the other hand – divided into smaller groups – we implemented various projects with sustainable results for the organization and the kids themselves: The production of a PR-Video, the organization of supply and transport of lice-shampoo from Germany, the conception of teaching material and the daily teaching are only a few examples. Every day the kids inspired us with their energy and happiness. However, from time to time we could feel the difficult pasts behind their smiling faces. Having a humanitarian assignment as a part of our trainee program was very valuable and salutary – both from a personal as well as from a professional perspective.

Now, after two intense months, we all start our second, individual projects, which will be within the Lufthansa Group in Germany. We are happy to have chosen projects in the following locations: Ludwig will work in Hamburg for Lufthansa Technics, Mathias will be at Eurowings in Cologne and Sabrina will be part of the Air Traffic Management Research division in Frankfurt.

To be continued…
Ludwig, Mathias and Sabrina