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Instagramer of the month in January

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Dear flyswiss followers,

I’d like to welcome you on board as your first Instagramer of the month in 2018. This is already my second go at it though – if you were already following us a few years back, you may remember me from February 2014.

After many cabin crew colleagues provided you with many insights already, I hope you’re interested in seeing some photographs from the pilot’s perspective. Some of you may already know some images from my personal account @jetvisuals, but I’m sure there will be many interesting views from the flight deck for you all.

Time does indeed fly and back in 2014, I shared insights to a noticeably smaller amount of followers on Instagram. After five years of short-haul flying on the Avro RJ100 fleet, I have now been doing long-haul trips for nearly a year on our biggest member of the fleet – the Boeing 777.

The destinations changed a lot, but so has the size of the crews I get to fly with. We have 14 flight attendants in the cabin and usually operate with three pilots on our long-haul flights.

Our network currently sees me flying to Asia, North America, and soon across the Atlantic to South America. There’s Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco for example.

The two west coast cities are my favourite destinations in our network and I enjoy flying there as often as I can.

But we also fly to Hong Kong, Bangkok or Singapore. And in February, we’ll add São Paulo in Brazil as yet another Triple Seven destination.

My January schedule has me flying to Miami and Hong Kong, but I look forward to sharing many more impressions from past trips as well.

Thank you for joining this month’s flights on Instagram!