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Instagramer of the month in july

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At last it’s July! Over the coming days, the academic year will be drawing to a close in most of Switzerland’s cantons, and the long-awaited summer holiday beginning. We’ll have the pleasure of welcoming more families on-board again, all looking forward to their beach holiday in Nice or Miami, or perhaps a city trip to Madrid.  And some of them might already be looking forward to a lovely holiday at one of our five new summer destinations, such as Cork.

Which is why it gives me even greater pleasure to be able to give you an insight into my work as Cabin Crew in this month of the summer holidays. My name is Yannik Riesen, and I come from beautiful Seeland in the Canton of Bern.

When I left secondary school, I knew I wanted to take some time out from school and experience a new world, that of aviation, before going on to university.

It was the best decision I could have made. I love working with my colleagues so much. It’s lovely how we all support each other, and all share the same aim. And it’s particularly important in our job to be open and honest with each other. Communication within the team can often be key, whether dealing with problems with passengers or a medical incident on a flight.

It’s also wonderful to experience different cultures and learn so much about them. Along with all the delightful experiences I have on a flight, I am also extremely grateful for the times afterwards. Exploring new cities that you might otherwise never have come to is just fabulous. Walking the Great Wall of China with the crew, seeing the Statue of Liberty in New York or just lying on a beach in Dar Es Salam are some of the things that make our job perfect.

I’m looking forward to sharing all these impressions with you on instagram this month, and I hope you have a wonderful summer!


Warmest wishes, Yannik