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Instagramer of the month in June

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Hooray, summer has arrived! The sun is raising the temperatures, people are getting cheerier, and everyone’s starting to look forward to their long-awaited holidays. For my part, I’m eager to greet you on board flights to our loveliest holiday destinations this June. I’m happy to announce that I’m your next Instagramer of the Month. Get ready to go on quite a ride!

But before we start, let me tell you a little bit me, so you’ll know who you’re flying around the world with for one month. My name is Elisa Marske and I was born not all that far away in Germany. I spent my early years in Wolfenbüttel, which is close to Hanover. When I was 8, we moved to Switzerland and, for the last 13 years, I’ve been living in the adorably sweet, little town of Zofingen in the canton of Aargau. One thing I learned quickly from moving as a young child is that you feel at home anywhere in the entire world.

My personal motto is ‘never stop exploring our wonderful planet!’ Our earth is an incredible gift; all we have to do is open it and explore it with an open heart.

After completing a commercial apprenticeship, I soon realised that working all day in an office was not my idea of an exciting and enriching life. In the end, this led me to SWISS in January 2016, with whom I now travel above the clouds as a dynamic cabin crew member. Given that I’ve loved to travel and I’ve been curious about the big, wide world since I was little, I can now live out my dream and I’ve very happy about it. I love getting to know lots of new people and the great experiences, conversations and sometimes even friendships that arise from that. It’s an enrichment that comes with the profession as flight attendant.

Since cabin crew members are known to fly though plenty of different time zones and time and again have to stay awake through the night, it’s extremely important to find a way to balance this at home. I do it through physical activity, preferably outdoors in nature. Walks in the woods or the occasional round of jogging with music keep me fit. Spending plenty of time with those I love also makes me happy and I always make enough time for that. Then there’s my own personal travel… As I mentioned, travelling has become a real hobby of mine and I love to do it the uncomplicated way: alone with my backpack.

I can definitely recommend it to everyone, and who knows? Perhaps I’ll soon have the pleasure of welcoming one of you on board on your way to your next adventure!

Don’t be afraid to talk to me at any time!

I’m looking forward to sharing this month with you and I hope you’ll enjoy plenty of new impressions.


Yours, Elisa #flyswiss