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Instagramer of the month in February

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome on board this SWISS and Star Alliance flight through the month of February. My name is Mara Huber, and I’m your Instagramer of the month for February. I am delighted to welcome you here today, and I look forward to sharing my adventure above the clouds with you. I very much hope you enjoy your time on board.”

February – already the second month of this still-young year is upon us. A new year means new aims, new opportunities and the most diverse new challenges. I hope you all move a little closer to these aims in February, and that you are able to seize the new opportunities and to face up to any challenges with confidence.

“Remember to smile more, worry less and live your passion”

These words are my daily inspiration. I am so happy to be able to say that my profession is so much more than just a job to me. Being a Cabin Crew Member is my passion.

What I particularly like about it is the contact with people, and working with the different crews. These experiences, be they amongst the crew or in the direct contact with our passengers, are both highly educational and enriching in nature.

I was very warmly welcomed into the SWISS family last August, and since then have had the privilege of working on-board with lots on wonderful colleagues. And I happily use the term “family”, because I met so many charming crew members in the shortest time, and close friendships were soon formed.

To this day, my encounters with passengers have been pleasant and enjoyable. But my daily working life also has its more challenging experiences, and they serve to show me the areas where I can still improve – for which I am also grateful. Something else that fascinates me about my profession is being able to travel all over the world. I think travelling is an extension of the horizon. It teaches you tolerance, gratitude and modesty.

I am so happy that I was able to indulge my passion for flying after graduating, and to have been given such a unique experience as a young person.

Follow @flyswiss on Instagram, and explore an unforgettable February with me!

Yours, Mara