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Instagramer of the month in January

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Kalimera, kalos ilthate !

As the first Instagramer of 2017, my thoughts are dedicated to you dear followers. May your hearts be filled with cheer, your minds be filled with joy, and your days be filled with happiness. Life is a ride. I wish you the opportunity to find exciting adventures year round! Happy New Year!

My work has taken me to places for the past 22 years and l have never looked back. I wanted to travel ever since boats or planes took me to Greece, the homeland of my ancestors.

My name is Anouk Werder and I was born and grew up in Biel/Bienne, a bilingual city in the Swiss canton of Berne, at the foot of the Jura region.

My cultural memory bank recalls family dinners with my Greek dad & Swiss mother, where German, Greek and French were spoken over matching culinary diversity served on a daily basis. In fact, l love cooking and the creativity involved in this intimate and personal experience of preparing a meal for someone. It connects all people, nationalities and backgrounds. Cooking allows me to relax and encourages me to work even harder at my next exercising session. Fitness, especially martial art related classes, is my release from stress; it gives me an outlet for all my emotions and makes me generally happier. It gives me confidence to do something good for myself.

Immersing myself in a good book is also one my favourite “me time” moments. Nothing beats allowing your mind to wander in the world of words & phrases.

A good hike in nature with my friends around my breath-taking neighbourhood of Neuchâtel, where I currently live,  is another favourite.

Not a surprise to my family and friends, becoming a flight attendant was an obvious choice. To date, my unmatched enthusiasm keeps me fit and leads me from the exciting streets of Manhattan and its magnificent architecture to the intricate detailing of Bangkok’s temples. After a long flight, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing. Every landing feels like an arrival into a living-in-the-moment comfort zone that thanks to social media l share at a click of my iPhone.

This account is a doorway into the life of people who share the passions and interests of us avid travellers. l do hope my posts will capture the finest moments of my life as a SWISS flight attendant and make you catch the emotions l wish to express through my pictures.


Come on in and follow me on Instagram @flyswiss!