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Instagramer of the month in December

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Allegra e bainvgnia,

My name is Andri Büttner and I’m thrilled that I can give you as good an insight as possible into my job this December. My job offers great diversity all year round. However, our work gets particularly interesting and demanding in December as we have to fight our hardest against the elements.


Welcome to the right-hand seat at the front!

Despite the copilot’s seat being just a few metres away from the aircraft entrance, it hasn’t been easy getting there.

I grew up in Upper Engadine, as far away as you can imagine from the exciting world of aviation. Nobody in my family had ever had anything to do with flying, but even so, I’ve known where I wanted to end up since I was a young lad. I wanted to sit in the cockpit of one of those huge aeroplanes that zig-zagged across the sky, seeing the world as a pilot. I never lost sight of my goal and continually worked towards my young lad’s dream. With my final school exams and military service behind me, things got serious: I needed to get through the selection procedure before I could start on the two-year training. I was the youngest member of the pilots’ class 2/12 as I began my training in May 2012. After two intense years of study, I was appointed by SWISS International Air Lines as a copilot on the Airbus A32X. As I finally donned my pilots’ uniform with the golden stripes on the epaulets, I knew that my dream was coming true.

Now I’m 25, am in my dream job and am looking forward to all those years ahead of me, flying around the world. This will be the third winter of my pilot’s career – it’s bound to be an exciting time with wonderful sunrises, snowy landscapes, fog in Zurich, having to de-ice the aircraft every now and again, and much, much more. I’m looking forward to showing you a month in the life of a young copilot and will try and give you a good glimpse behind what is otherwise the closed cockpit door.

We’ll be flying short-haul to Geneva or right up to the northern tip of Finland…but that’s all I’m letting on for now! Follow me on Instagram from the first of December to find out more….

In the meantime, take your seat, sit back and relax!