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Luxury de Sede seating

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Travellers using SWISS’s new lounges in Zurich Airport’s Terminal E can while away the time in stylish leather armchairs, which are the product of a special partnership between de Sede and SWISS.

SWISS’s new lounges in Zurich Airport’s Terminal E have been truly enhancing the pre-departure time for the airline’s premium customers since they opened in late January. The new SWISS First/HON Circle, Senator and Business Class lounges extend over a generous 3,300 squaremetres. Each lounge has been further zoned to meet its users’ various and individual needs. The features here range from gourmet and show kitchens to a bistro, a whiskybar (withover200whiskies), advanced workstations, relaxation areas, showers and even hotel rooms. What’s really special about the new bright and roomy lounges, though, is their typically Swiss character. Local materials have been extensively used,in such features as the smoked oak parquet floor and the unique Jura limestone walls. And a crowning accent here are undoubtedly the wonderful leather armchairs by Swiss furniture manufacturer de Sede.

A partnership of passions

When de Sede CEO Monika Walser talks about the company’s partnership with SWISS, she positively beams. “Once the architects of the new Zurich lounge complex had decided that ‘Swissness’ would be a pillar of their concept, we all realized very soon that there was a genuine chemistry between us. After all, de Sede is all about products that inspire their surroundings and put the individual centre stage.” Bruno Schlaefli, SWISS’s Head of Ground Services Product, concurs. “As The Airline of Switzerland, we were delighted to work together with a Swiss design manufacturer to develop this special range of furniture that puts the prime emphasis on people, leather and comfort. After all, we didn’t just want to buy some armchair on the market for our new lounges. We wanted to team up with a quality partner to set new benchmarks here, too.” So how did the partnership turn out? “We both saw, after a trial phase in which we shared our ideas and aspirations and developed a series of prototypes, that we really did have the same quality commitment, and this gave us a really firm foundation,” Monika Walser recalls.“ But the special product that we were left with at the end of the process owes just as much – if not more – to all the passion and the dedication that everyone put into this project, from both sides of the partnership.” To take just one example of the quality commitment here: the new SWISS armchairs are covered only in leather from bulls, as cow leather often has too many stretch marks from the animal’s previous calving. And to take another, these am threads used vary in colour from lounge to lounge.“ We’d like to be present with individualised objects like these all over the world,” Monika Walser concludes, stroking the leather of her de Sede chair.“ At the same time, though, we’re determined to remain a house of crafts folk ,too!”

Text: Tamás Kiss/Photos: Claudia Link