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Grüässäch Willommen Kia Ora 歡迎 Bienvenido Namaste Bienvenue ようこそAloha Välkomme Тавтай Welkom Dobrodošli Καλώς ορίσατε Shalom Benvenuto 환영합니다Welcome морилогтун Salaam O Aleikum


My name is Nicole Schneider, and as your hostess above the clouds, I would like to welcome you on my SWISS flights.

My home and roots are in a country inn amongst the hills and valleys of the heart of the Emmental in the Canton of Berne.

Even as a very small child I enjoyed talking to people, and in the restaurant at home I discovered and developed a taste for culinary matters, a fine feeling for ambience, and a passion for hospitality. I have always been interested in societies from all over the world, and I enjoy a multi-cultural environment.

I originally trained as a photographer, and after many years of gaining valuable professional experience in the varied world of photography, my dreams came true and I made the change to the world of flying. Since November 2015, I have had the tremendous privilege of welcoming, serving and delighting the international customers of SWISS International Air Lines around the world.

Thanks to my job, I have already been able to visit many wonderful places in the world, and while doing so I have gained a lot of experience of people. I am always keen to experience new life situations.

In my working life, it is tremendously important to me that I have a good relationship with my colleagues, because teamwork is essential on board. Whether in the coordination of the service, in the event of an emergency or purely and simply for the sake of a pleasant working atmosphere.

I would love to take you with me to the exciting areas of the airline industry with SWISS International Air Lines.

In addition to the aircraft and the exciting life at the airport and high up in the skies, I look forward to lots of exciting adventures.


I do hope you have pleasant trips and enjoy the colourful world of my picture stories! Your Bernese hostess – Fotomeitschi,



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