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Bonjour, dear #flyswiss-Follower,

My name is Ariane and my heart beats for aviation. What was once planned as a six-month excursion into the world of aviation has turned into 6 years, in which I have been able to happily work in this field.

After graduating from high-school, I developed a curiosity and wanted to get a glimpse of this dream-world – and never left it. Yes, I did draw pictures of aircraft as a little girl, spent many hours watching aircraft with my brother and my best friend and, of course, dreamt of eventually working in one.

Today, dear #flyswiss follower, there’s a lot I need to share with you:

I never thought that this childhood dream would become a reality. But it makes me happy knowing that dreams do become real, if you just believe in them hard enough. Sometimes you just have to dare do something; all you can do is win. We have to live our dreams. My profession as a SWISS cabin crew member is not a job: it’s a passion. Passion is my key to happiness. It’s an inner, deep-rooted force, which motivates me day-after-day. Our most important asset is time, which is why I choose to spend my time doing something that fulfils me 100%.

The joy of working with people from around the world is what keeps me feeling alive. To me, laughter is like medicine, and the amazing crew and many of our passengers make me laugh all the time.

It would be my pleasure showing you this month why I chose to pursue my passion and what makes me happy day-after-day.

Off we go, let’s fly and laugh together!

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  1. Am a student in Thailand from Ghana studying aviation and how can I join your crew after graduation. Thanks

    1. You can apply or join one of our Cabin Crew Castings in Switzerland. See all our job openings here: All the best, Annina

  2. “My profession as a SWISS cabin crew member is not a job: it’s a passion”. Wow Ariane, as an aviation lover and a husband of an another aviation lover, I know exactly what you feel. By the way, my wife was a Ground Staff for SWISS for almost three years. She also got a job as a flight attendant for another airline, but we decided to start a new life in Switzerland, so she had to resign both from the job she loved the most, and the opportunity to fly with another airline. I truly admire her, the attitude of giving up the life she adores to start a journey with me, yet, it’s difficult for me to see how hard it is for her, to stay away from the planes. Please, tell me, is the European Passport really necessary? She holds a strong passport anyway.

    1. What a nice but also sad story. Unfortunately, if she wants to work as flight attendant at SWISS she needs to hold the Swiss Citizenship or an EU Passport. Please check other job openings at SWISS, maybe she will find a job that brings her nearer to the planes again: We wish you both all the best, Annina

  3. My daughter would like to be in this field.She us 23yrs old and 147 cm in height.would this disqualify her and where can she apply?

    1. Dear Liesel. To work as a flight attendant at SWISS, a minimum height of 1.58m is required. The reason for this is that all flight attendants have to be able to reach several locations inside the plane e.g. overhead lockers. Sorry that I do not have better news for you. All the best, Annina