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C Series Cabin: More space on the short haul

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A more roomy and relaxed cabin environment for short-haul flights: that’s what Bombardier aims to offer passengers with its C Series aircraft. And as first operator of the new twinjet, we’ve been able to feed a lot of our own SWISS wishes and ideas into the C Series cabin. “Our collaboration with Bombardier has been a one-in-amillion opportunity for us,” says Alexa Luppi of our Cabin Interior Development. “And we’ve been able to play a role here that’s been both creative and pioneering throughout the development process.”

Our Cabin Crew, Cabin Engineering, Food & Beverage Product Development and Catering Operations units have also been closely involved. And over the last six years or so, they have all helped develop a totally new short-haul cabin design with several appealing details. One particularly striking aspect of the new C Series cabin is its generously-sized and closely-arranged windows. “They give the whole cabin an incredible natural brightness,” Alexa Luppi confirms. The overhead baggage bins also help create a roomier feel by closing upwards (rather than down).

Our company has trodden a bold new path with its choice of seat supplier, too, for our new C Series fleet. And with ZIM of Markdorf, near Lake Constance, we’ve also opted for a partner from the broader Zurich Airport region. The seat ZIM has developed does away with the usual two-support mechanism for the folding table, in favour of a single central support. And this, too, creates more space – this time for the passenger’s knees.

The new seats are truly pioneering, in line with the new cabin and the new aircraft in general. “In fact, it was only at the last minute that they were certificated by Transport Canada, the Canadian aviation safety authority” says Alexa. And a further key comfort feature of the new C Series cabin is its wide central aisle, which is broad enough for passenger and trolley to pass!

One regular feature of our SWISS short-haul cabins was not envisaged for the C Series by Bombardier: the Business Class curtain divider. With no guide rail to attach it to and few points at which it could be fixed in place, our desire for such a divider posed an almost unsolvable problem. And numerous options had to be developed, trialled, rejected and improved until a solution was found.

The new Bombardier C Series will also offer passengers with reduced mobility the best possible inflight comfort. The toilets have been made as accessible as possible, and stretcher passengers can also be accommodated on board. The galleys boast extensive SWISS input, too. The rear galley in particular will bear a close resemblance to that of our Airbus A320Ps. And the commonality here will be a further plus for our cabin personnel.

So all in all, when our first Bombardier CS100 enters service in mid-July, our customers and our crews will all be in for a totally new short-haul cabin experience!

(Ed. The published images do not depict the original furnishing of the aircraft)