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Cabin Crew Castings – The route to a job high above the clouds

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Our cabin crew members are not the only ones who often have to get up early at the weekend: would-be cabin crew members have to do just the same to arrive in time for an 8 am start at our SWISS Cabin Crew Casting. Having already tested the new concept in Germany and Austria, our recruiting team has hosted such events also here in Switzerland. Following on from Basel and Bern, there were also castings in Zurich, St. Gallen and Lugano. More dates in Switzerland and also other countries will be published continuously on

The castings are a challenge for our recruiters, as they explain during the pre-event briefing: “We never know how many candidates will show up. There may be as few as 20 or as many as 100. Castings are open to anyone interested in becoming a flight attendant. It makes planning very difficult, obviously. But we enjoy working like this because it’s such an efficient way to recruit. It’s a super opportunity, especially with our current high recruitment requirements.”

Applicants are given a “candidate’s pass” when they register; armed with this they then make their way around different stations. There are interviews, group assignments and written tests, all designed to test motivation, knowledge of foreign languages, physical suitability and ability to work as part of a team. Similar to the format adopted by some popular TV shows, candidates advance to the next round after successful completion of each stage. In which case it means: on to the next task! Although applicants face the possibility of rejection at each stage, our SWISS Recruiting Team reports that “generally speaking, candidates like the way the casting is organised, as they find out how they’ve done immediately after each sequence. The younger applicants in particular tend to be extremely spontaneous and flexible. These events allow us to see a large number of applicants – no doubt many more than we could reach using traditional methods.”

The longer the day the better for the applicants – The ones who have completed the last casting station successfully are at the nearest point to give wings to their dream of flying. The final firm offer is made after inspection of individual application documents, which candidates upload to our SWISS job portal immediately after the casting event.

Text and Photos: Anja Kugelstadt