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The new Boeing 777-300ER: Faces of SWISS

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Connecting Switzerland with the world would be impossible without the expertise, passion and never ending enthusiasm of our international employees. Every contribution, no matter how large, is highly valued. In recognition of this, the first Boeing 777-300ER was dedicated to the more than 8000 international employees working for SWISS who are united by their passion for aviation and aircrafts. Through this, the Faces of SWISS becomes a symbol for the variety of professional and fields, opportunities and international cultures at SWISS International Air Lines. At the same time, it conveys what our employees represent: Truly SWISS… where people matter.

Over 2500 smiling faces belonging to our employees, accompany passengers in the air and on the ground during the introduction phase and fly to various European destinations. But soon, the new Faces of SWISS aircraft, as well as further Boeing Triple Sevens (B777) will be deployed on long intercontinental flights to Hong Kong, Los Angeles or Bangkok, to name just a few.

The faces are representative of colleagues from all professional fields, such as flight attendants, pilots, technicians and cargo-professionals, finance and human resource experts, IT and logistical professionals, communications and marketing specialists, as well as experienced employees from medical services, operations or law: They all contribute to SWISS’s worldwide reputation of delivering an exceptional flight experience and make SWISS one of the world’s leading airlines. Approximately 16 million delighted passengers flying in the air in Economy, Business and First Class are proof of this. For that, we’d like to say thank you – with our new long-haul aircraft Faces of SWISS.

Overview of the Faces of SWISS project

  • SWISS’s first Boeing 777-300ER aircraft
  • SWISS’s largest aircraft in its fleet
  • Number of depicted employees from all over the world: 2500
  • From all portraits submitted, 12 large faces were selected at random and put on the aircraft
  • Represents all professional fields, from cabin crew, to pilots, as well as ground staff
  • The foil that has been used measures 450 m2 in size, is just 0,05 mm thick, and weighs 50 kg
  • The large faces on the aircraft are 7 metres tall

More about the Faces of SWISS project with Boeing 777-300ER can be found here.


Facts about the Boeing 777-300ER of SWISS

  • Airplane with state-of-the art technology
  • Updated entertainment system
  • Engines: 2 x General Electric GE90-115BL
  • 340 seats with wide-body
  • 8 seats for First Class passengers, 62 seats for Business Class passengers, 270 seats for Economy Class passengers
  • Seat map can be found here
  • Total crew includes 17 people (of which 14 are flight attendants)
  • Maximum speed in the air: 945 km/h
  • Travel speed in the air: 892 km/h
  • Length: 73.9 m & height: 18.5 m
  • Maximum range with a full load: 10700 km
  • Total Boeing 777 SWISS fleet comprises of 9 aircrafts (updated February, 2018)
  • Flying to different intercontinental airports

More about the Boeing 777-300ER and its livery can be found here.