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Instagramer of the month: Natalia Tränkle

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Our Instagramer of the month for June is Maître de Cabine Natalia Tränkle, who has been a SWISS cabin crew member for the past seven years. It is now her turn to take you along on her exciting travels. Don’t miss any of her photos and follow us on Instagram.

Hello #FlySWISS followers,

My name is Natalia. I am from the beautiful city of Zurich and have been flying for SWISS for seven years now. After three years as a flight attendant I passed the professional exam for cabin crew members and gained valuable experience as an instructor. In 2013 I ventured to go a step further to become a Maître de Cabine.

My task is to lead the cabin crew and to make sure that the information is properly exchanged between ground personnel, pilots, cabin crew members and passengers. I am responsible for the on-board announcements and I take care of a controlled inflight procedure. In addition, I am in charge that any problem in the cabin is resolved effectively. During my daily work, I can count on the skills I have gained through experience and the training I have completed. Equipped with a “FlyPad”, I can instantly refer to flight information, manuals, guidelines and notes whenever necessary.

I am still fascinated by my job. Every day, every crew and every flight is different. There is no such thing as daily routine. Everything is constantly in flow and always new. I am delighted that you will be accompanying me this month and I hope that you will share my fascination for a life in the air.