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Discover new horizons – time to take off professionally

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Flight Attendant? Until recently, I had never really given much thought to the job. Of course, I had a vague idea of just what it entailed. You have to smile a lot, provide a service on board an aeroplane, have to be friendly and always look just so. Oh, and perhaps present the safety instructions if the on-board entertainment system isn’t working, but that’s all! And now here I am, writing my first blog post about becoming a SWISS Flight Attendant. Six months ago, I would never have imagined it in my wildest dreams.

But before I tell you more about the training, let me introduce myself:

My name is Martina Cecilia Decurtins, I’m 24 years old, and I grew up in the Canton of the Grisons in south-east Switzerland. When I left the tiny village of Falera and moved to Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland, it opened up many doors to me, both with regard to daily life in the city and to my professional options. I love strolling through the city with friends in my time off, and above all I appreciate the multi-cultural offer in the numerous restaurants and bars just waiting to be discovered in Zurich.

After school, I completed my commercial training in tourism. This was followed, in a roundabout way, by my Bachelor of Science in Tourism at the HTW in Chur. I proudly received my Bachelor’s Diploma in 2013. This was followed by an internship in event management. And that was when the light bulb went on: the events industry – that was where I wanted to be! I wanted to gain more experience in this field. Half a year later, and after travelling half way around the world, I was an intern in Event Management at SWISS – and that was when things really took off.

Flying has always fascinated me. The international feeling, the majestic aircraft, the smell of kerosene, and the goose bumps when they take off always make my pulse race. So I was only too happy to accept the internship at SWISS – the Airline of Switzerland. During this intensive and exciting time, I learnt a tremendous amount about SWISS as a company and about the aviation industry. Over the course of my internship, I completed a number of minor projects independently, including being responsible for the SWISS brand appearance during the pre-Christmas “Night Shopping” events in Zurich. I was also part of the team that organised major events, such as SWISS’s appearance at the Lauberhorn Ski Race in Wengen. I started to feel butterflies as I became more involved in my work and the events, but also in my contact and exchanges with my colleagues. I realised I wanted to get to know the company “from above” and started training as a Cabin Crew Member.

To be honest, it did make all sorts of thoughts cross my mind, such as, “What did you study for?”, “What about my social life?” and “Will I have any time for my loved ones?”. The challenge of “Flight Attendant” had to face a whole barrage of critical questions. Questions were also asked closer to home about why I had chosen this job.

Exploring the beauty of a different country every day and exchanging repetitive life in an office for an adventurous existence above the clouds played a major part in my decision.

In the end, my heart and the lust for adventure won! The decision was also made much easier by my colleagues of the SWISS Event and Marketing team, who shared their personal experiences of flying with me. And it’s this experience, and everything I’m going to learn over the coming weeks and months, that I want to share with you.

I have just started the basic training, and there’s much more to it than I had thought. In my next posts, I’m going to tell you more about the requirements for a Cabin Crew Member, and about my experiences during the application stage. You’ll also read about the feelings that come over you when you first see yourself in the mirror wearing the SWISS uniform.

I’ll be giving you regular updates on how I’m getting on with my training in this blog series over the coming weeks and months. But I can tell you this much now: working as a Flight Attendant is so much more than “just” smiling, providing a service on board and always looking perfect.


Project “Discover new horizons” is now ready for take-off.