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Cabin Crew Member – an exciting job

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Many people are fascinated by the job of a Flight Attendant. But just what is it that makes this job so exciting? We decided to simply ask one of our crews and wanted to share their answers with you.


Annika Fölster – Maître de Cabine

I decided to make the change from working in an office to being a Cabin Crew Member, and haven’t had a moment’s regret since then. No two flights are the same, so life is never boring. You meet people from all sorts of countries and cultures, which can be both challenging and exciting in equal measure. The Crews change with every rotation, and this also adds to the excitement because you never know what the individual Crew members’ personal backgrounds are. And suddenly you meet colleagues with fabulous talents, and experiences from earlier jobs, which I personally find really interesting.

Of course, one of the biggest plus points are the destinations we get to stay at and can explore for ourselves. Many of them are places that I would probably never have visited otherwise. And that’s why flying has enriched my life so much.


Christian Schupfner – Maître de Cabine

One of the biggest motivations is being able to live a life that is a way from the mainstream. Arriving in a different city at lunchtime, or heading for the hotel at twilight, inhaling the unique and fascinating fragrances of Hong Kong … Being able to explore one of the biggest ports in south-east Asia in Singapore in your own time, or sharing a few moments with the street musicians of Boston.

Adapting to new situations on a daily basis, and following the same aims with a new team every day – the aims that we, as members of the SWISS family, all share: satisfied customers, respect for our passengers, and making their time above the clouds with us as pleasant as possible. The motivation of being able to escape everyday life and visiting the sunshine that awaits us above the clouds is more than enough compensation after an early start, when the alarm clock has dragged us from our beds at 4 a.m.

One of the best parts of the job is being able to support our travellers when required, perhaps helping to calm their fears and sharing the lovely things about travelling with them. The passion for travelling is a vocation that should really be rooted deep in one’s soul. Patience, openness and a passion for detail should always be there, from the very first moments of a shift, as well as a curiosity for the unknown, a willingness to serve, and the motivation to continue developing as an individual through this fascinating activity above the clouds.


Judith Haschert – Cabin Crew Member

As a child, I always travelled as a “UM”, an “unaccompanied minor”. And I was always fascinated by how nice and kind all the Flight Attendants were to me. They would surprise me with toys, meals, a birthday cake and even ice cream. And I’m sure one or the other of my favourite films would also be showing. Later on, while I was training in the hotel industry, a number of crews would check in at the hotel – and there it was again: the fascination of flying.

What makes the job so great? We change the crews, guests and hotels almost daily, but you soon feel quite at home, and work hard to achieve the maximum satisfaction for passengers and colleagues. We all pull together.

My school French wasn’t very good, and to be honest it still isn’t today, but I love the little improvements that I have already managed to achieve, and I can now even understand people when they order drinks in Italian and Spanish. And working so close together, you not only get to know your passengers and colleagues much more quickly, but above all yourself.

I am so happy to be a Flight Attendant, and I got so much out of both the basic and the long-haul training. The annual “Recurrent Training” courses are always full of new information. The medical content in particular has not only been helpful in my job, but also in my private life.

And from the service point of view, it’s lovely to experience and learn about a menu cycle from a different Canton every quarter. Life is never boring! New meals, new wines, new passengers. Every day brings plenty of variety. And then there are the times when you see passengers again – which both parties usually enjoy.

Of course, we mustn’t forget the various destinations. I’ve always travelled a lot, but now I have also been able to get to know destinations that I might not have visited were it not for my job. And what has benefited me personally: flying also helps to support my passion for cooking, because I can bring ingredients home from the various countries without having to pay the extortionate prices in our supermarkets.

The irregular working hours? I love them. I don’t mind whether I’m working at the weekends, in the evenings or overnight. I enjoy being able to do things on a day off, because then the town is usually quieter and not so busy. Thanks to our flexible system, I can ask to have important dates off – and that was something that sadly used to be far more complicated in the hotel industry.


Thomas Gross – Maître de Cabine

Because a new team is used for every flight, I am meeting new colleagues every day. The members of a Cabin Crew team all have their different life stories, and getting to know your colleagues is always exciting! And above all, the delight you see in a passenger’s eyes when you surprise them with a little something – well, I don’t think you can put a price on that. Working for SWISS has enabled me to visit all sorts of places in the world for the first time, and I have returned to many of them in the meantime for a holiday. SWISS also offers me interesting career options. Within three years I was able to progress from Flight Attendant to Maître de Cabine Europe, and now have a management position on board.


Our crew has given us an interesting insight into their jobs, and explained just what it is that makes this job so exceptional. If this is a journey you would like to embark on, and you would also like to experience what our crew experiences every day, then go to our Job Gate or visit one of our information evenings.