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Explore our 22 new destinations on Instagram

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The new SWISS route network is complete. The addition of the six latest destinations to our timetable means that the expansion of the SWISS route network in Europe will be complete -for now- at the beginning of July. We have taken this as the opportunity to send four Instagramers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to four different destinations and explore them on your behalf. If you have already had the pleasure of visiting one of our 22 new destinations, then share your pictures with us on Instagram with hashtag #22SWISSmoments. Our Instagramers would like to tell you about themselves and where they are going to:


Marion Vicenta Payr is going Gothenburg in Sweden for you

To me, photography is total immersion in the moment. I have developed my own, almost meditative approach to photography. Every single photo is for me a moment of awareness, of total consciousness – and my aim is for this feeling to be passed on to the observer of my gallery.

To me, the look through the viewfinder is a completely clear, precise angle of observation on a world that seems to be turning faster and faster. If you love photography, you will know that pushing the shutter button is not only a purely technical way of stopping and capturing time for a moment, but also enables you to immerse yourself completely and consciously in that particular moment.

I didn’t discover photography until 2011, when I first registered with Instagram. Since then, I have acquired more than 280,000 followers all over the world. In addition to my artistic activities, I also photograph Instagram campaigns, and my clients send me all over the world. In just the last few weeks, I have been to Rome, Naples, Paris, Istanbul and Berlin to share my views through Instagram.

I am a freelance Instagramer and photographer, and I live and work in Vienna. When I’m not running Instagram workshops or speaking at conferences, I travel the world taking photos either for my own Instagram account or for my husband’s editorial fashion blog.

Marion on Instagram.


Max Münch is going to Ljubljana in Slovenia for you

Like any song in music, every picture also has its own particular story, its own melody, that I try to capture in a photo, and play with – that’s why all the pictures in my gallery are linked to each other by lines or colours.

Look closely, and you will also be able to hear the melody. My passion for exploring the world, for travelling and constantly seeking challenges means that with every picture, I am putting a new note down on paper – a note with a story behind it.

I can’t wait to see what is waiting for me in Ljubljana and the mountains and forests of Slovenia!

I’m a 23-year-old pianist, and I love life, mangoes, and the feeling that overcomes you when you set off on a journey to somewhere you’ve never been before.

Max on Instagram.


Martina Bisaz is going to Porto in Portugal for you

I studied “Scientific Visualization” at the Zurich University of the Arts, and for 5 years I have been a scientific illustrator at Kantonsarchäologie, the Cantonal Department of Archaeology, in Zurich. I’m a freelancer in my spare time, and I spend a lot of time on photography and travelling. I would definitely describe myself as keen traveller. I love exploring new countries and cultures, and I greatly appreciate experiencing the indescribably beautiful countryside and nature and capturing them in my photographs.

I’m happiest when I’m outdoors in the countryside: I spend hours on long walks, strolling through the forest and enjoying the peace. One of my other passions is vintage cars. I have a Fiat 500 (vintage 1967), and I recently acquired a 1977 VW T2.  I love being out and about in my lovely old cars, and I have promised myself that this year, next year at the latest, I’m going to go on a bit of a road trip in my VW camper.

My photos are usually of nature or my cars. When I’m travelling, I want to share my experiences and the things I see with my followers, and to do so as easily and stylishly as possible. I love the sea and southern Europe, which is why I am especially excited about going to Porto.

Martina on Instagram.


Thomas Kakareko is going to Zagreb in Croatia for you

Although I was born in Berlin, my roots are in Poland. I discovered my passion for photography through Instagram, and I loving taking photos in an urban environment. Capturing special and unique everyday moments is of particular importance to me. You could say that people are always the focus, the main points, of my photos. I’m really looking forward to seeing the architecture and historic sites and – of course – to meeting the people of Zagreb.

I’m going to try to capture the city’s unique atmosphere in my series and to tell exciting stories.

Thomas on Instagram.


You will be able to find all the pictures on Instagram under the hashtag #flyswiss and #22SWISSmoments and under the various profiles. We hope you really enjoy exploring our 22 new destinations.