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Behind the scenes: Social Media Team

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Over 1,000 dialogues a day, and a good 600,000 followers on Facebook alone, most of them aged between 25 and 45: “We never know, when we start in the morning, just what the day will have in store!” says Nadja Waldraff, the head of our Social Media team. 29-year-old Nadja has Benjamin Fehrenbach at her side to look after all of SWISS’s social media channels on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. And on top of all that she also manages the SWISS Blog, where our employees offer an insight into their working lives.

In their daily editors’ planning meeting, Nadja and Benjamin will discuss with SWISS’s various units what topics should be communicated when and where. “We’re like a SWISS news editorial office,” explains Benjamin, “but we’re working on eight different channels. And there’s no real template for how to do the job.”

It is indeed a pretty unpredictable brief. An example? “A few weeks ago, skier Lindsey Vonn tweeted that she’d lost a piece of baggage,” Nadja recalls. “A few minutes later Benjamin and I were at the airport looking for it! So we really can’t complain about a lack of job variety …”

And where does SWISS get the most social media Likes? On Instagram, where our “Instagrammer of the Month” provides a month-long photo reportage on his/her working world. “People love peering over our crews’ shoulders and being up there aloft with them, as it were,” Nadja explains.

With all this deluge of communications, are Nadja and Benjamin ever offline? “Oh yes,” she confirms. “Luckily we have a small team from our own Service Center who help us process all the comments and requests. After all, being an international company, we need to be online 24/7.”

As well as the transparency and the emotion they provide, it’s this “round-the-clock receptiveness” that customers appear to appreciate most about SWISS’s social media channels. And it seems to have made them an indispensable part of many people’s travel activities today.

Ask Nadja Waldraff: What are the experiences in your job that make it priceless for you?

I particularly like it when customers share their air travel experience with us. Every detail is picked up and processed. And by conveying their experiences and emotions, they give us a real insight into how they feel about SWISS. What we get here is unfiltered feedback on our product; and we in return can talk directly back to them.

We can use this facility to surprise our community, too. Like giving our Facebook fans an extra chocolate on their flight because they’ve told us – via Facebook – that it’s their favourite chocolate of all. We even got one customer an ice cream from a supermarket. He’d tweeted that he always enjoyed the ice creams on board. The season was actually over, but we didn’t want to disappoint him! The reactions to these little gestures on our social networks have been hugely positive, too. It really is a medium that gives us great emotional moments and a very special relationship with our guests.

Text: Valérie Ziegler Photos: Andreas Leemann