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Instagramer of the month for March: Annika Fölster

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Our Instagramer of the month for March is Maître de Cabine Annika Fölster. She has been travelling the world as part of her job since 2012 and for the next few weeks will be sharing with you her impressions of the places she visits. Annika has a keen eye for photography, which means you can look forward to seeing lots of creative photos and images of life behind the scenes at SWISS. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see Annika’s posts.

My name is Annika and I am your Instagramer of the month for March. I have been an enthusiastic member of the SWISS family for three years now, having recently been promoted to Maître de Cabine Europe.

Before I caught the flying bug I earned a degree in media studies and then spent 10 years working at different office-based jobs, during which I gained valuable experience. For the long run, though, this was not quite the right field for me.

The thing I enjoy most about flying is the ever-changing combination of people I get to work with, which gives me the opportunity to get to know people from a wide range of backgrounds. The same is true for passengers. Working with so many people is incredibly exciting and offers a great deal of variety.

If I had to name my favourite destination, I would surely say San Francisco for long-haul. With regard to Europe, there are many attractive places, such as Amsterdam, Barcelona and Vienna.

Aside from flying and photography, my other great passion is music, whether singing myself or attending concerts or relaxing to good music. As a result, I have accumulated a fairly big collection of recordings across a wide spectrum of styles.

In March I will be sharing impressions of my day-to-day life as a Maître de Cabine Europe. I’m really looking forward to doing so and I hope you enjoy the photographs I display.