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Goodbye from the SWISS Explorer

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It is said that time flies when you enjoyed it. In my case, the last 6 months passed by as the quickest period of time in my life. Looking back at the moment when I uploaded my video to apply for the position as SWISS Explorer, leaves nothing but a smile on my face. What a trip I managed to experience in the last six months.


During my time as the SWISS Explorer I travelled to a descent amount of great cities all over the world. From New York to Tokyo and from Stockholm to Dar es Salaam: 16 countries, 120000 km travelled kilometers later, the job comes to an end. But not just the opportunity to travel the world made this job so epic. Also having the chance to have a look behind the curtain of SWISS was quite an experience. From working a day as a cabin crew member up to testing a variety of services and products – it was a lifetime experience! Even if it meant to work seven days a week most of the time. But having the opportunity to encounter brilliant places, meet different people or test exciting and delicious food all over the world; as an avid traveller I enjoyed every single day of it.


My personal highlights? Well, every destination was kind of special to me. It all depends what you seek out there. For me, the trip to Mumbai and Tokyo were breath taking. Two mega cities I have never been before which gave me another opportunity to experience a whole new side of life. Talking as an adventurer, I really liked Lisbon. I am always up for a good surf or epic buggy trip (even though I was completely covered in mud after the ride). Despite the fact that I was in New York two times before, I always enjoy my time in the Big Apple. The city just has something magical. The SWISS Explorer project mainly happened during winter time. As s summers child I really appreciate every single sun ray I can get. So Dar el Salam and Zanzibar was quite a thing to explore as ambassador for SWISS.


Now, my “Acadamy-Award-winning-like” closing: I want to take this opportunity to yell out a big “thank you” to the people who made this whole SWISS Explorer project possible and supported my during the time.


A good friend of mine told me once. “Nick, don´t be sad it’s over, just smile because it happened”. This is what I do: Taking this experience and make the best out of it. Now stop watching your screen. Go out and encounter. There is so much to explore.