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SWISS Mobile Starter Kit

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“There you go, Nick. I don’t want to say anything more about it.” This was the way I was approached by the project manager of the SWISS Mobile Card. Not a good way to sell a product perhaps? Actually, in my opinion it is the best way. Without further introduction I was left on my own with the SWISS Mobile Starter Kit. So from scratch I had to figure out how this whole thing works.


The starter kit contains an SIM card, a tool to remove your SIM card and a quick user guide. The presentation is straightforward and all the necessary information is given. Just the way I like it. To activate your SIM card, you need to log on to and register with your personal data. Then you are good to go. Choose a pre-selected telephone number and bon voyage! The entire set up is done in about 15 minutes and from there on you can enjoy the cheapest roaming prices. Now I know why the project manager just handed me the starter kit without further introduction. There was nothing else to explain – it’s that easy.


Have a look at the SWISS Mobile prices for phoning, sending text messages or surfing the web. On the website you will find all the necessary information you need. I think it is a great product for the individual traveller or long journeys.


Assuming that your phone is unlocked (support of different SIM cards) and also provides a secondary slot for a different SIM Card (Dual SIM), the SWISS Mobile card is a perfect addition to use as a second SIM for data roaming and/or in your iPad or iPod.