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If you lose your boarding pass – Ticketless

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As neutral ambassador I am testing SWISS products and services. Since this is my job, why not check the service in combination with giving useful advice to the customers? Everybody has thought about it, some of you have already experienced it, and the rest of us are scared of it. What happens if you lose your boarding card?


Things like losing a ticket can happen to everybody, if you are in a hurry or not. So instead of being scared of this worst case, or getting crazy, shouting at your partner, kids or the old woman in front of you in the queue – just relax. I tested this worst case for you.


While I was simulating the case, I made sure to get as much information as possible for you. As long as I haven’t passed the security check, I was advised to walk back to the check-in desk and ask for a copy of my boarding pass. I just had to show my ID again and received a copy of my ticket.


Later on, once I passed the security checkpoint, there is no way back to the check-in desk. But no need to panic! I just told any employee at a random gate about my situation. I was told to look at the departure timetable and figure out the gate where I was supposed to depart from. At least 10 minutes before boarding starts, there will be an employee of the airline standing at the gate. I became a bit nervous to be honest. Even though I was sure there would be some kind of solution, I was blaming myself for having thrown away my boarding pass instead of just tucking it away in my pocket. Once the employee appeared at the gate, I told her that I could no longer find my ticket. She then just asked for my name. Because I had already checked in, my name was going to pop up in the system. After the friendly woman at the gate double checked my ID, I received another brand new ticket with the same details right at the gate. So I lost my ticket twice on this specific morning, but I eventually made it on to the plane. So no need to worry – just make sure you don’t lose your ID.


An even easier way to check in: Get your boarding pass on your mobile phone by using web check-in. It will prevent you from the hassle of losing your boarding ticket. And also saves paper!


Happy travels!