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The Art of Attentiveness – in Hamburg

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When traveling around the world, you are often confronted with language barriers. It is said that it is difficult to communicate with different people around the globe. The truth is you can always communicate. It doesn’t matter which language you are able to speak. Communication is often underestimated. There is a universal language spoken all over the world: with emotions, light and    color. And exactly these three items that the artist Gerry Hofstetter and SWISS use to communicate a message about attentiveness all over Europe.


Nowadays, the interaction between people gets lost due to the influence of fast growing technology. Likes on Instagram and Facebook became more important than a face-to-face conversation. “Ifriends” I call it, when friends are together but then actually spend more time looking at their mobile phones than talking to each other in a meaningful way.


The campaign The Art of Attentiveness (#attentivenow) is a mixture of emotions, lights and colours designed to remind each one of us about the importance of interpersonal attentiveness. When I visited Hamburg, I had the chance to see the light projection at the Fairmont Hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten”. Selfies of countless pairs of eyes from SWISS cabin crew members were beamed on to the façade of the hotel right at the Alster. When the sun set, the pairs of eyes shone on the façade of the hotel and stood for symbolic eye contact between people. The message is clear: Be more attentive when communicating with each other.


Especially during the Christmas time, this message seems to be forgotten so quickly. Everybody is stressed out to get the last presents, to plan the holidays or schedule some last business meetings. Be more aware of your quality time which you got to spend with your beloved ones. SWISS and Gerry Hofstetter started this campaign two weeks ago in London, England. Followed with the fabulous projection in Hamburg, the campaign continues until spring time 2015. Barcelona, Paris, Milan and some other cities will be involved.


And you can be part of it as well. Participate in this campaign and upload a selfie of your pair of eyes on Be part, remind people all over the world: The importance of interpersonal attentiveness.


Merry Christmas!