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Introductory programme for holders of a master’s degree

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SWISS offers holders of a master’s degree a unique introductory programme with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience within Switzerland and abroad. Two graduates from last year’s programme, Remo Hauser and Lukas Doebelin, recount their eventful time. Remo Hauser is currently a member of the business unit Performance Management and Fleet Development; Lukas Doebelin is a project manager in Online Strategy.

As members of last year’s SWISS ProTeam we experienced 18 exceptionally informative and challenging months participating in the General Management Trainee Programme, which prepared us to the greatest possible degree for our follow-up activity at SWISS.

In terms of content, the ProTeam programme offers holders of a master’s degree a broad scope indeed. It consists of an introductory month in Frankfurt and four projects, some with an international component, across the multifaceted Lufthansa Group. The scope of the trainee programme is enhanced by workshops, a planning game and events in partnership with the other airlines of the Lufthansa Group.

During the introductory first month in Frankfurt we learned about the airline industry and the Lufthansa Group’s organisation and strategy. Discussions with members of top management and a series of very interesting presentations by various department heads gave us valuable insights into the world of air transport. Particularly memorable were a visit to Lufthansa Flight Training, which included the opportunity, to experience a Boeing 747 simulator flight, and tours of the Munich hub, LH Technik in Hamburg, catering supplier LSG Sky Chef and the huge Airbus A380 maintenance hangar. As SWISS ProTeam participants we were made to feel very welcome and given the opportunity to network with numerous people.

Following this highly stimulating first month we moved directly to project work on behalf of SWISS. On arriving in Zurich we were given a choice of topics with various units, such as Revenue Management and SWISS World Cargo.

Our second project took us back to Frankfurt for four months where we worked on and implemented strategically important projects within Group Finance and Lufthansa Network and Fleet. The third project took place in New York. Far away from head office, we gathered our first experience in Sales & Marketing and dealing directly with the markets and, thanks to a joint venture with external parties, broadened our knowledge of new aspects of the airline industry.

After an exciting time in The Big Apple we returned home to Zurich to tackle our final project on aspects of long-term corporate strategy and network and fleet development – strategically important core topics for our airline.

We look back fondly on the ProTeam adventure and are grateful for this opportunity to gain a foothold with SWISS. This enabled us to not only acquire a wide range of international experience and take on the responsibility for projects but also to meet interesting people and form friendships.

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