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Golden Gate Sunrise

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To stand one day on the Golden Gate Bridge was a long-held dream of ours. Jogging across it at daybreak exceeded all our expectations.

It is shortly before seven o’clock in the morning as we drive via Highway 101 through San Francisco. From a considerable distance we can see our goal: The Golden Gate Bridge. In the pale light of dawn it reigns majestically over the San Francisco Bay. The closer we get, the more impressive the bridge seems. We pull into a small parking lot on the south side of the bridge. Only a few visitors are present so early in the morning to gaze in wonder at San Francisco’s landmark structure. We quickly tug on our jogging shoes and set off.

The sea air is cool and clear. Not a cloud in the sky, no fog over the bay. What luck! We jog slowly but steadily. After a few metres we have left all the tourists behind us. We then pass the first of the gigantic towers that carry the bridge’s suspension cables. This steel colossus stands 227 metres high.

The day gradually becomes brighter. Alcatraz is now visible ahead of us and on our right is the outline of the still dark city. They soon vanish from our line of sight. In the far distance, a few fishing boats chug across the bay. Two seagulls battle for a piece of bread. We barely notice the steady hum of the cars passing by us. Some 17 minutes later we reach the other side of the bridge and then turn around. We now have a splendid view of the still dark skyline of San Francisco. An overwhelming spectacle then begins to unfold. Suddenly the air is filled with the cry of seagulls. We come to a stop. In front of us, the glowing sun gradually rises behind the city. The bridge, which up till this moment appeared grey in colour, becomes fiery red. The sky, the sea and the entire bay are bathed in an orange glow. In the water below us sea lions cavort in the waves. From somewhere, a boat’s horn welcomes the new day.

It takes us a while before we resume jogging. We repeatedly stop to take in the view. When we finally return to our car, the day’s full brightness has arrived. As the first buses filled with tourists arrive at the parking lot, we head off for a pleasant breakfast in the heart of San Francisco.