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We have overhauled our SWISS Blog, and we’d like to tell you how.

Up until now our blog has given you behind-the-scenes insights into our SWISS world from different angles and perspectives. It was launched in 2010 after it became clear that other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, didn’t offer quite enough space for the publication of detailed information about life at SWISS. The channel worked successfully as a complementary source to standard online communication channels like the company’s website, newsletters and press releases. And that will not change. We’ll continue to provide you with a variety of articles, interviews and photo reports from our pilots, cabin staff, maintenance, operations, marketing, sales, revenue management and more.

With flexify.net and kissundklein.de we have found the ideal partners to form our ideas into shape and successfully realise our goal. Even during the creation process we were able to always see the result instantaneously. The result is a neat appearance and mobile-device-responsive functionality, efficient usability for visitors and users alike, and a content management system optimised for multilingual content.

Andrea Kiss from kissundklein.de comments: “The target was the alignment with the appearance of the company’s website swiss.com. A light and modern content-focused design, adhering to SWISS Corporate Design guidelines but clearly differentiated. We offered various layout ideas and quickly came to a joint decision.”

Dominik Heier adds: “Fast-loading pages, fully localisable interfaces and a SEO-optimised websites from the start are indispensable nowadays. Aside from having to migrate the content from the old blog, the many custom plug-ins were a great challenge, which we managed immediately from day one when we started with the project. With WordPress we have found the ideal solution that enables us to be flexible and offer dynamic features for SWISS. One example is PJAX, a technique used by Facebook and Twitter to achieve superior user experience while generating lower server load.”

Other notable features included the handling of spam, responsive media implementation and user management.

So from now on, our SWISS Blog has a whole new look, and is available in two languages. Along with new features designed to engage, enlighten and encourage you to share your thoughts, it lets you discover similar articles, has more and bigger photos, a smarter search-and-share option; and presents some of our regular contributors in additional detail, too.

And that’s not all. Because we plan to continue developing and refining our popular SWISS Blog, we’ll soon have even richer content, including video reports. All to keep giving you intriguing insights into our company, our people and our activities.

We hope you enjoy it.

So please, as always, we welcome you to tell us what you think and what your expectations are.

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  • As part of the Social Media Team I am very looking forward working with this blog. Amazing team work and great result, thanks to everybody! Cheers, nadja