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Dear #FlySWISS followers,

Hi! My name is Thomas and I’m your Instagrammer for September. So let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been enjoying the life of a cabin crew member on our SWISS short- and long-haul services since June 2010. For the first couple of years I was a Flight Attendant, and got to know all the best destinations in our route network. Then, last summer, I took the big step of becoming a Maître de Cabine Europe; and for about a year now I’ve been responsible for heading the cabin crew teams on our short-haul flights.

My work as a Maître de Cabine is incredibly varied. As well as preparing and conducting the pre-flight cabin briefings, what I really enjoy is the direct contact with our guests on board. And I’m looking forward to giving you some insights into my day-to-day duties in the month ahead.

I grew up by the beautiful Pfäffikersee lake in the Zurich Oberland. And in my spare time I enjoy all the calm and tranquility that our rowing boat can provide: it really relaxes me, especially when I go fishing in the early morning hours. I also play floorball (or “unihockey” as we call it here), and my colleagues and I are now busy training for the coming season.

I look forward to giving you some pictures of my SWISS working world over the next few days. Welcome aboard and thank you for following us Instagram!


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