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Golf club in the sky

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Our Instagramer of the month in May is SWISS Golf Traveller Lady Corinne Vogt, who will give you unique insights into her professional and private life. As a working mom she has plenty of stories to share with you.

Hi everyone! My name is Corinne Vogt and I will be your Instagramer of the Month during May. I am really looking forward to sharing impressions of my exciting job as the person in charge of SWISS Golf Traveller. Some of you may be wondering what SWISS Golf Traveller is. It’s simply the best golf club in the skies, with great benefits available to members. Above all, the free transport of golf equipment up to 23 kg on flights operated by SWISS, Edelweiss and Lufthansa (not valid on codeshare flights or on Lufthansa flights to/from/via USA and Canada). In addition, we host 8 golf tournaments per year in Switzerland for our members. These tournaments are very popular and available slots are always soon fully booked. During the month of May I will share my impressions of the first two tournaments of 2014, at golf courses in Vuissens and Kyburg so that you can see what goes on within the world of SWISS Golf Traveller.

At 34 years of age, I am almost a “dinosaur” in SWISS terms! My airline career started back in 1997 with a 3-year commercial apprenticeship at Swissair. In the nearly 17 years since, I have held a variety of jobs with both SWISS/ Swissair, with no signs of fatigue so far! SWISS is very close to my heart and I am proud to have the privilege of working for such an exciting company. I have been doing my current job for the past 2 years on a 60-per-cent basis. The reason for my part-time function is that I am also the proud mother of daughter Lynn, who is now 2 years and 8 months old.

I am very glad to have the variety that goes with being a working mother. It is, of course, a great organisational challenge but thanks to the support of my husband and my superiors at SWISS I am able to manage things well. We live near Zurich Airport and also enjoy travelling in our free time. Lynn is almost a frequent flyer already. She really likes flying around. In April we travelled on holiday to the USA and visited Chicago, Spokane (near Seattle) and San Francisco. The whole trip was simply fabulous!

See you soon on Instagram! Thank you for following @FlySWISS.