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Downtime on the island

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Who’s in the mood for a getaway? Flight attendant Kristina Roder reports in her latest SWISS Blog article about the custom among crew members of sharing good travel tips. We want to let you in on a current tip, too.

We flight attendants sometimes behave like herd animals. Not only on board but also during a layover. If an attractive rooftop terrace, excellent steakhouse or a funky market is discovered to be near our hotel, word of the tip spreads like wildfire and entire crews soon show up there.

I enjoy going to such popular crew spots, too, especially if I am in a city for the first time and don’t know my way around or have any specific plans. After you have been to the same place a few times, however, it becomes boring. Then I look for something new: in travel guides, on the Internet or by asking friends.
Sometimes the crew finds a real gem in or near a big city, as happened in Dar es Salaam.

At the moment our hotel is a bit outside the city centre, but the beach and the pool aren’t quite enough. But not far from the hotel, paradise has been found, specifically on a small island that is also a marine reserve. The price for the ferry transport, food and admission are always negotiated anew. After an explanation has been given for the sudden increase in price, negotiations for a discount start. But that’s just part of the experience. Just like the white beach covered in shells, the turquoise water, platters of fresh fruit, and freshly caught fish served with French fries.

Does that sound enticing, heavenly and gorgeous? Yes indeed! And for precisely this reason one has to almost force oneself to see something of the pulsating city and discover something new there. Recently I was at a fish market in the city. The colourful activity and the warmth of the people compensated for passing up the opportunity to go to the beach. For once, anyway.

The next time I’m in Dar es Salaam, I’m sure to be found on the island, enjoying the tranquillity and recharging my batteries for the night flight back to reality.


Best regards, Kristina

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