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A 5-year review

Former Social Media Manager

Hi folks!

I am delighted to be the SWISS “Instagrammer” for October, which will be a special month for me as it is my last at SWISS. After 5 super years with the airline, during which I had many special experiences, I am looking forward with great anticipation to a round-the-world trip that will last at least nine months.

Before I leave, however, I would like to take you on a tour behind the scenes at SWISS during my final month as an airline employee. For the past four and a half years I have been responsible for our Social Media Marketing activities. This means that everything that is in any way related to social media or with which social media could be associated eventually lands on my desk. This includes content and community management, training sessions, internal and external presentations, trend research, integrating social media in major projects (e.g. introduction of the Bombardier CSeries aircraft, integration of social media within crisis management).

I vividly recall the spring of 2009 when we first become active in the field of social media, with little idea at the time just how important this new communication platform would become. The speed with which the role of social media has evolved in recent years mirrors the diversity of my day-to-day work. In the early days, there were hardly any rules and we adopted a strategy of trial-and-error as we made our way forward on unfamiliar terrain. Many ideas were tried out, some efforts were abandoned after a while, and new approaches were repeatedly undertaken. Those that bore fruit were optimised. In the meantime, social media has become a fixed element in our communication with the public (as our 24/7 Customer Service demonstrates, in terms of the commitment on our part and the frequency with which these services are used). Consequently, my daily work is now far less operational than it was at first. Instead I am now more involved with the development of strategy and concepts, in-house training, formulation of guidelines and development of our activities and integration of departments and countries (e.g. integration of social media within Customer Service, integration of local content).

It will be my pleasure to give you an impression of daily work and my own last actions as SWISS Social Media Manager. The focus will be on a smooth transition and hand-over and bringing various projects to conclusion. On a personal note, I am busy making travel plans for me and partner. In addition to working out the approximate routing, this includes vaccinations and making arrangements to sublet my apartment. I will also share five personal highlights from the past five years at SWISS. To find out more, simply follow us on Instagram.

I look forward to your comments, questions and interest, and I hope that you’ll enjoy looking at my pictures. If you would like to follow me on my travels, you are welcome to do so via my private account as of November.

Thank you for following @FlySWISS and your keen interest!



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