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Geek photos?

Senior Business Analyst

Shalom, everybody!

After Janina (great job, Janina!), this month it’s time for me: Janine. Yay!

I work as a business analyst in our Revenue Management Innovation Lab. My daily business is… well, there’s no such thing. Our team is a “two-geek show”, and our vision is to be outside the box, but inside the code! And me? I’m very passionate about any kind of board sports. Snowboarding is my endless love, kite-boarding is my new affair, and of course I have a constant crush on SWISS airplanes and travelling the world. My home-from-home is vibrant Tel Aviv, but my true home is Zurich, that sunny and calm beauty which turns into a crazy monster with the rhythm of the long nights. Throughout September I’ll be inviting you to share a mixture of pics from my SWISS travels, my beautiful Zurich, some geek stuff about my work and some of my crazier moments. I truly hope you will enjoy them!

From Janine with love 🙂

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