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Specialist Digital Communications

Hi everyone, this is Janina from Zurich.

This month you will gain insight into our Global Marketing department and SWISS’s home base, Zurich. I previously worked in IT, banking and the music industry.

I joined SWISS in June to enhance the team in the field of communication projects, social media and mobile marketing. Right from the first week I got a feeling for the exciting and complex world of the airline industry. After a few tasks and introductions to Brand Development, Marketing Communication Projects, Market Research, Partnership Marketing, Ground Product Development and Cabin Interior, I’ve started to work on marketing communication campaigns, social media concepts and as part of the strategic Social Media team took over a few duties from Christian Lüdi to offer guidance to Social Media Managers of key markets concerning their communication measures.

Luckily, the great team spirit and my open-minded colleagues at SWISS make it easy for me to feel welcome on board. Just now, with regard to major duties, Alexander Strehler is guiding me through my first communication campaign.

I’m still in the learning process and invite you to accompany me during this month and discover my little SWISS world.

Along the way, I hope to add more pieces to the big picture, not only for myself.

Thank you for following @FlySWISS,


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