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A SWISS Berliner

Revenue Management & Pricing

Aloha everyone!

This is Phil from Zurich! Again someone from Zurich you might think? Well – it is where our head office is located, and I am proud to have been working for SWISS for more than three years now. I am in the Revenue Management department, together with around 40 colleagues who are responsible for the pricing and optimisation of our flights. Imagine what a workload that would be for one person only! As I am originally from Berlin – our most recent destination of the month – you can also expect one or two pictures from my hometown! In general, travelling is more than a hobby for me – it is just so appealing to see new places and get to know new cultures all over the world. And, ideally, enjoying the lovely weather! So some other travel impressions might follow :-).

Feel free to comment and ask questions while following the month of April on SWISS Instagram – I am looking forward to it!

Mahalo and cheers for now from ZRH


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