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Confessions of a non-skier

Marketing Manager Scandinavia & Finland

Unbelievable but true: although I’ve been working for SWISS for six years now, I am still not a skier! But let me tell you a bit about Scandinavia and this winter sport.

Born and raised on the German side of the River Rhine, I always considered myself as more compatible with the Mediterranean lifestyle (which can also be found in Switzerland, by the way, for example in Lugano). But instead I “ended up” in Scandinavia, which turned out to be the start of a true love story: the people, the nature, the cities, the culture… I really adore living here and, of course, I do my best to promote SWISS as the Scandinavian skier’s airline of choice. But where to ski in Oslo, Norway? At Holmenkollen of course, the world-famous ski jump which is home to the FIS World Cup Nordic Skiing.

During one weekend in March each year, the area turns into a real festival arena with masses of people dressed up in traditional Norwegian garments, disguised as trolls or with their faces painted in their country’s colours. For Norwegians it’s a must and I can tell you that it’s well worth it! Have you ever seen someone jumping from 60m above the ground at a speed of almost 100 km/h? If you plan to come next year, make sure to bring some flags and cow-bells with you to cheer on the athletes! If you want to visit one of Oslo’s most well-known landmarks to enjoy a breathtaking view over the city and the Oslo fjord from its top, you will find more information at http://www.holmenkollen.com/eng

While the jumpers were flying through the air, my promoters and I remained on the ground spreading the message that skis fly for free on SWISS. This is not only valid on flights to Switzerland, but throughout our whole network. So if you are interested in winter sports, why not fly to Norway once? You don’t necessarily need to be a professional ski jumper, but you can also enjoy some easy rides close by, for example at Oslo Vinterpark which is 10 minutes away from Holmenkollen – not to mention all the other nice ski resorts in the Norwegian mountains.

At SWISS, we say that in Switzerland skiing is a national sport. But this is also true for Norwegians. Their love for nature and outdoor sports is in their bones and it’s amazing to experience their joy and excitement when the first snow arrives. At the same time, the Norwegians are super- friendly and very welcoming, too. So of course, all my counterparts offered to lend me skis for a short run. But first I will have to change my mind and learn how to ski (not forgetting that my SWISS colleagues have already tried to convince me for ages)! Therefore, here’s my personal goal for the ski season 2013/14: to make my first moves on skis. And I am sure these moves will look hilarious! So: stay tuned and follow me on this blog, I promise to keep you posted about my progress 😉

See you next winter!


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