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Interview with chef Martin Göschel

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With the introduction of the new SWISS Taste of Switzerland food cycle on board our long-haul flights, we had the chance to interview the creative personality behind the meals: Martin Göschel from the Hotel Paradies in Ftan, canton Graubünden. If you read the article carefully, you can even win an overnight stay at his hotel.

SWISS: Which recipe have you chosen for Swiss Taste of Switzerland and why?

Martin Göschel: At the Hotel Paradies in Ftan the preparation of our meals has a strong regional leaning and we use predominantly local products. My mission was to choose three courses from two menus. A starter with mild buffalo mozzarella, sourced from water buffalo raised here in Ftan. Their milk is processed into mozzarella at a dairy in nearby Tschlin. The resulting product is very unique. For the second course we selected a fish, char, cooked “au gratin” with a crust from the “arven” tree. The “arven” is a local coniferous fir. The young shoots are comparable with thyme – they look similar and both contain essential oils. When you cook the fish au gratin in this way, you have the feeling that you are walking through the surrounding forest because the aroma there is equally wonderful. Another good example is our final dish. We have transformed the world famous Engadine nut cake into a walnut mousse, which we top with a small amount of caramel which is similar in aroma to the Engadine nut cake.

This makes me hungry. What was the biggest challenge you faced in terms of implementation?

When guests come to our restaurant, I can respond in certain regards to their wishes with the manpower I have on location. We cook everything à la minute. We cook everything totally fresh. This means, for example, that if a guest has an allergy to an ingredient in our standard recipe then I can simply delete it on the spot. Or I could cook the fish minus the skin, or prepare it in some other way. The contents of the meal would still be the same. In the air, however, the diner would probably have to choose another meal.

What do you like best about flying?

Being able to get from A to B quickly and comfortably. On the other hand, it is a wonderful experience to fly over the Alps or to see the sun come up in the morning. The return flight is actually the nicest. You know that you will soon be landing in Zurich and that the road from there leads back to Ftan. I am always happy to return to Ftan. The return journey is always a beautiful trip, enhanced by the impression and experiences of a journey.  

So not the food on board?

I have never flown First or Business Class on a long-haul trip. I will do so soon however and so try it out and enjoy it. I imagine it to be quite a different experience.

Last question: What item is never lacking in your refrigerator?

Because I am always at work in the kitchen during normal main meal times and therefore always have food around me, you won’t find much in my fridge except a bottle of good wine and some yoghurt for breakfast. I take most of my meals at my place of work. The refrigerator there looks rather different.  

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome.

One night’s accommodation at Hotel Paradies for two persons in the Junior Suite
– Plus generous breakfast buffet with a fantastic view of the mountains
– Plus dinner in the Stüva restaurant
– Plus yoga session and access to the wellness and fitness facilities
– Valid for 1 year from date of draw
Send your name and address to: with subject ‘Win’
Closing date: 28 April 2013
The judges’ decision is final.
No correspondence will be entered into. Winner will be informed in writing.